When to Use a Flatbed Tow Truck in Temple, TX? Low Clearance Vehicles, Long Distance Towing & More

Flatbed tow trucks offer a range of advantages in various towing situations. Understanding when to use a flatbed tow truck is crucial for ensuring the safety of both the vehicle being towed and other drivers on the road. Caliber Towing & Recovery will go over when and why flatbed tow trucks are the preferred choice for towing.

Vehicle Recovery

When a vehicle experiences a breakdown or is involved in an accident, a flatbed tow truck is often the safest option for recovery. Unlike traditional tow trucks that lift the front or rear wheels off the ground, flatbed trucks allow the entire vehicle to be loaded onto the bed, minimizing the risk of further damage.

Long-Distance Towing

For towing over longer distances, especially across highways or uneven terrain, flatbed tow trucks provide superior stability and security. The flat platform of the truck bed ensures that the vehicle remains level during transport, reducing wear and tear on tires and suspension components. Flatbed towing is the smartest choice for long distances.

Low Clearance Vehicles

Some vehicles, such as sports cars, luxury cars, or those with low ground clearance, are not suitable for towing with conventional tow trucks equipped with hook-and-chain systems. Flatbed tow trucks offer a safer alternative, as they allow these vehicles to be loaded without scraping the undercarriage or causing damage to the bodywork.

Specialty Vehicles

Flatbed tow trucks are often used to transport specialty vehicles, including motorcycles, classic cars, vintage automobiles, and custom-built vehicles. These vehicles require delicate handling and protection from road hazards, which flatbed trucks can provide. By securely loading the vehicle onto the flatbed, the risk of damage during transport is significantly reduced.

All-Wheel Drive & Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Towing vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) systems presents unique challenges, as improper towing methods can damage the drivetrain. Flatbed tow trucks are the preferred choice for towing AWD and 4WD vehicles because they allow all wheels to be safely lifted off the ground, preventing potential damage to the drivetrain components.

Preventing Further Vehicle Damage

In cases where a vehicle has suffered significant damage or mechanical failure, using a flatbed tow truck is essential for preventing further damage during transportation. By securing the vehicle on the flatbed, the risk of additional harm from dragging or shifting during towing is minimized.

Repossession & Impoundment

Flatbed tow trucks are commonly used in repossession and impoundment scenarios where vehicles need to be transported without the owner’s presence. The flatbed design allows for quick and efficient loading and unloading of vehicles, making it an ideal choice for such operations.

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Flatbed tow trucks are the preferred choice in a wide range of towing scenarios due to their versatility, safety, and ability to accommodate various types of vehicles. Whether it’s recovering a disabled vehicle, transporting specialty cars, or towing all-wheel drive vehicles, flatbed trucks offer a reliable solution while minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the safety of both the vehicle being towed and other road users. Caliber Towing & Recovery is a great company that can help tow your vehicle on its flatbed tow truck.

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